Manage permissions

Permissions throughout AlisQI can be managed extensively. There are a several different permissions to be managed. In AlisQI you can find them under Management -> Permissions.

After you have changed/given permissions the concerning users should log out and log back in, in order to refresh their permissions.

Analysis set

Permissions of analysis sets are managed per User group. There are several icons representing the different rights.

View permission
When a User group has this right then the users in that group are able to open the Results overview of an analysis set

Insert permission
Users within the User group can insert new results in the analysis set.

Delete and edit permission
Users within the User group can edit and delete results from the Results overview.

Complete permission
Users can complete existing results, only empty fields can be filled in. Existing values cannot be changed.

Specification permission
Users can see the specifications for the analysis set, while entering a new result and when looking at the results overview.

Documentation permissions
Users have permission to read documents which are assigned to the analysis set.

Selection list

User groups with permission to a Selection list can view, edit, add and deactivate selection list options.

Document category

User groups with permission to a Document category can read the documents within that category.


Here the rights for system management can be controlled. By default the system administrator has rights to all these modules. Different modules are:

  • Alarms
  • Analysis set management
  • Base modules
  • Care system management
  • Certificates of analysis
  • Statistical Process Control

The menu options users have are based on the Modules rights of their User group.

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