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Application settings

To optimize the functional fit for AlisQI within your organization as much as possible, the system comes with a number of application settings. These settings can be managed by all users with the application administrator role.

Navigate to the settings via Menu » Management » Application settings

All settings are application-wide settings that apply to all users, regardless of their personal preferences, settings, or device.

The settings are categorized. This article discusses the settings per category.


Log out users automatically
This setting controls whether users are automatically logged out after 24 minutes of inactivity.
Default: yes.

Register user sessions
This setting controls whether user sessions are recorded. Per session, the user, start time, end time, and IP address are recorded.
Default: yes.

Result entry

Use ENTER to jump to the next field
With this setting set to Yes, the user can jump to the next field in the form field by hitting the ENTER key.
Default: no


Number of results per page
This setting controls how many results appear in the results overview.
Default: 20
Limit: 1000

Minimum number of results for SPC
This setting controls the threshold value before automatic SPC out-of-control detection is applied. This ensures that there is enough data to apply some statistics.
Default: 25

Document management

Default revision period
Default revision period in months for new documents.
Default: 12 months

Reminder mail interval
Default reminder frequency for document approval
Default: 14 days

Care system administrator
User selected as the care system administrator

Main model
Main model (flow chart) that will appear on the home page.

Preview for Microsoft Office documents
This setting controls whether Office files are rendered in the browser window without downloading them first.
For preview purposes, documents will be converted by Microsoft servers.
Default: no

Constrain document notification to notification list
Only send document notifications when there is a non-empty notification list
Default: no

Version & license

This section does not provide settings but lists information about the AlisQI version and license that is currently active.

Revision number
Unique identifier of the application's current version and build.

License holder.


We are proud to serve customers around the globe. We strive to make AlisQI feel like a domestic app for as many users as we can.

With this section you can define the language, timezone, date and number formatting settings.

Read all about localization here.

Hosting cluser

System time
Current server timezone setting + actual time in that time zone.

The hosting cluster your tenants in installed on. See our status page for uptime statistics for your cluster.

Application default locale.