Quality manuals tend to be cumbersome and often consist of more than a hundred documents and forms. Consequently, their structure can be difficult to fathom. What's more, links between documents and forms are vulnerable: a small change in a file name or location and the links no longer work. 

To bring order to this chaos, we use models. Models enable you to create a visual index for your manuals, other (Quality Management) documentation, and many other information sources within your Quality Management platform. You basically create your own quality management intranet. With models, you help the users of AlisQI to find their way around.

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Let's start with a one minute introduction video.

Clickable images

Models are user-created images, flowcharts, or other diagrams from which links can be made to all sources of information within AlisQI. This makes the static flow charts come alive.

Technically, a model is made up of two layers: a background image with several attachments frames on top of it to which you can link different sources of information. This will not only keep things organized but will improve access to relevant information.

Background image

Background images are usually graphical representations of a business process or department. An example of a start page model is shown below:

We have Visio templates for a stellar start page and super clear flow charts! Request them at AlisQI support.

You can create the model with your favorite software, the above screenshot was created with Microsoft Visio. We recommend exporting the model as SVG or PNG. (JPG is supported, but this format is mainly suitable for photos).

Uploading the background image

Once you’ve created a background image that accurately represents your processes or departments in your organization, you can upload this by navigating to Documents » Models. Follow this path to create and edit models.

Under Model properties, you can upload the image and give it a name. You can also place the model in a model group and assign an owner.

After clicking on "Save", you can start adding attachment frames.

Link to documents, data, and tools

Attachment frames are clickable areas that you can position yourself and to which you can attach various information resources. This glues the background image to your quality documents, data, and tools.

Adding and positioning

First, add an attachment frame (1), then you position it by dragging it to the right place and resize the frame using the resize handle (2)

When you want to move multiple attachment frames at once, simply use CTRL+CLICK to create a group of frames. Moving any of the frames in the group will result in moving all frames in the group.

Adding information resources

When you click on the frame you can add different information resources. A pop-up menu with all the available options will open for you to select between documents, analysis sets, graphs, models, and links:

By connecting models to each other, you can build a system of models that users can navigate easily. In this way, all the information is accessible intuitively.

Below you see an example of a model to which multiple documents have been added:

When these changes are stored, these documents are available from the Production step in this process model.

Main model (appears on the homepage)

To facilitate your team in accessing the relevant documents and information as quickly as possible, you can display a start page of your quality manual on the welcome screen. This way you create your own quality management intranet.
You can designate a model as the main model in the Application settings. This model will then be displayed on the AlisQI home page.

The main model will only appear for users that do not have the "Don't show the main model on welcome" module permission.

Try our no-code quality management platform

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