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Keeping track of your work in progress samples might be a challenge in large quality control organizations. To assist you with your workload management, AlisQI has worklists.

These worklists present scheduled, taken or work-in-progress samples, so you know what to expect. The exact statusses that appear on the worklist are fully customizable to align with your operation.

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Workflow with worklist

The worklists can be considered enriched ToDo lists, that present the samples that are scheduled, taken or WIP per sample type / process step or department. This setup is for you to decide.

When a sample is created in an analysis-set, it automatically appears on the worklist. Users only see the samples for which they have Read permissions. From the worklist, they can navigate to the data entry screen for individual samples, and will be returned to the worklist afterwards.


Currently the configuration of worklists is done by AlisQI support. Please contact AlisQI support if you want to discuss worklist configuration for your operation.

We plan on bringing this to the user front-end in 2022.