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We aim to make the life of the Quality Assurance team just a bit easier. Everything the system can do for you, saves you time, so you can focus on what really matters.

Our document management system automates quite some tasks. All the communication around documents will be automated. This articles discusses all the notifications AlisQI sends out to your organization.

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During document modification

During document modifications, messages will be sent regarding the events in a modification. This can be about new drafts, new comments or publication requests.

All these messages will be sent via the in-app messages, as well as via email if the user is to receive messages by email.

New document version

When a new document version is published, the old version is replaced by the new version. Any reference to this document, either from the document overview, analysis sets or models will be updated to point to the new version.

The new document will be added to the audit trail, where the old version is still accessible for archive. The revision term will be reset. After publication word files (docx) will automatically be converted to an immutable PDF and versioned. In this versioning AlisQI adds version information like the owner, publication date and document IDs.

Depending on the document settings, (specific) users will be notified about the new version.

If the document has an explicit notification list, all users on that list will be notified. If the document has no explicit notification list, all users with Read permission will be notified about the new release, however they will not be requested to confirm the new document version.

The notification will be send by means of in-app messages, as well as via email.


Once a document is published, all users on the notification list will receive a notification of this update. Moreover, they will be requested to confirm that they read the new version and understood the changes.

This confirmation is stored per document version and are accessible in the Document Modification screen in the Notification drop down field.

Recurring training

To ensure people are well trained and remain up to date on documents, every document has a recurring training term.
This term is measured in months and is blank by default.

For documents with a set training term, users will get a new request for confirmation after x months. This means that are requested again to read and acknowledge the document version. 

Users will receive this request for confirmation by email and via a card on the homescreen.

Document due for evaluation

Every controlled document has a revision term. This term is measured in months and defaults to 12, but can be adjusted per document.
When a document is due for evaluation, the document owner will receive an email and the homescreen will show a counter of the number of documents due.
The evaluation will either result in the approval of the current version, basically resetting the counter for the revision term, or starting a new document.
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