How does the QESH Calendar work?

The AlisQI QESH Calendar enables you to schedule recurring events. The calendar offers a shared view for the entire organization.
With AlisQI's powerful filtering functionality, you can easily focus on particular events, types or subjects.

As it is built on top of the standard AlisQI analysis-sets, it will all be very familiar for you.

Create new events

Scheduling new events is very easy. 

  1. To access the calendar, simply navigate to QESH -> QESH Calendar.
  2. Click on the New event button

Simply specify a due date, frequency, responsible user, title and description that defines this event.

This form can be adjusted and maintained as any other form in AlisQI.

AlisQI will check every morning around 5 a.m. (Amsterdam time)  for new events, and will notify the action owner of the activities to conduct.

On the welcome screen, you will be presented with a card showing the open events assigned to you.

Finish & reschedule an event

When the task is completed, simply edit the event and specify your findings. You can add attachments as you're used to for your other AlisQI forms.

When a recurring frequency is defined (like "monthly") a new event will be scheduled based on the event frequency and Completion date.

For instance: When a monthly event is finished on July 31th, a new event will be scheduled for August 31th.

Link procedures and documents

You can add references to controlled documents from your AlisQI Document management system to events.

Simply open an event, navigate to the References to Manual section and select the documents that are relevant for this very event. These documents will show up when the event is due.

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