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Integration hub

You want quality to be an integral part of your operation. Quality management should be omnipresent in every inch of your processes. To make it as efficient as possible, it needs to be integrated into your digital business processes as well. AlisQI is a modern, cloud-based Quality Management System that is designed to fit into a bigger IT infrastructure.

AlisQI is designed to be the hub for smart quality management. Connect AlisQI to external systems and sensors to create a single source of truth for all your quality data. Use our built-in non-conformity detection and analytics to learn from your data.

The AlisQI Integration hub is your starting point for anything related to integration. This article describes the features of the integration hub.

Introduction to QMS Integration


Navigating to the Integration hub

The Integration hub has two modes:

  1. Generic integration documentation
  2. Set specific documentation

The generic integration documentation provides links to the authentication tokens, the outgoing webhook calls and the logs.

The set specific documentation also contains these generic resources, but adds documentation on API for your specific analysis set.

You can access the Integration hub from the Menu » Management » Integration hub or via the Toolbar » More » Integration hub in the Results Overview.

Authentication Tokens

The authentication tokens are used to authorize API calls. You can create as many tokens as you need. The tokens are assigned to unique user accounts and derive their permissions from this user's user group.

Read all about the authentication tokens in the API documentation.

Outgoing webhooks

Our workflows allow you to invoke external webhooks. This enables you to listen to triggers in your AlisQI data and respond to them by calling an external service.

The Outgoing webhooks section in the Integration hub lists the various webhooks you defined, providing immediate insight in when they trigger and how often they have been called.


Integration logs

The integration logs show a log of all the incoming API calls or outgoing webhook calls. The logs include:

  • Timestamp of the call
  • IP address of the caller
  • Authentication token used in request
  • API endpoint invoked
  • setId parameter valueAll data can be copied to clipboard or be exported as a plain text file using the Download or Copy buttons.

API Documentation

The API documentation is only available when you open the Integration hub for a particular analysis set or selection list.

Read all about our API here.

Integration cheatsheet

The integration cheatsheet provides a quick reference list of all properties of an analysis set relevant in integration projects. This includes the setId, a list of all field names, and index field name.
This list can be detached into a popup panel, enabling for quick reference when you're working on an integration scenario.