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Instrument integration

AlisQI can interface with instruments. Unfortunately,  there is no universal standard in instrument interfacing.

Basically, there are two types of instruments:

Single-value instruments

Examples of single-value instruments are scales, thermometers, pH gauges, or micrometers.

This type of instrument can be connected right away. Either with their own software driver with keyboard wedge functionality or by connecting it through a tool like TWedge. TWedge forms the bridge between the instrument and Alis, converting serial data to a keyboard simulation.

Multi-value instruments 

Examples of multi-value instruments are GC, HPLC, or Mass Spectrograph.

This type of instrument provides a more complex output, containing multiple values or data. These instruments typically export an Excel, CSV, or XML file. The easiest way to connect these is by using the API. However, this requires some scripting at the user end. Alternatively, the Excel data can be converted to our Excel import templates and uploaded as such. For the data transformation, we often use a platform like Integromat to transform the raw instrument data to AlisQI API calls. 


Please consult AlisQI support to discuss your integration questions.