Certificate of Analysis

Certificates of Analysis are used to share (part of) your analysis results with external parties such as customers.
A Certificate of Analysis in AlisQI is a template on which a set of result values, as defined by you, is filled in. By maintaining your list of customers, and contacts per customer, you can send out certificates directly from AlisQI.
This article describes the following steps :

Select a template

A template contains data such as your company's logo, address details et cetera. In principle, your template contains all text that is static across all the certificates you issue.. AlisQI has a standard template, but you can also use your own. If you send it to us, we will upload it to AlisQI for you. 

Certificate of Analysis definition

Before you can define a certificate, you should determine the set-up of your definitions. This is up to the differences in contents between the certificates for individual products to individual customers. It is useful to standardize as much as possible, since this will save a lot of management time.

Different ways to define certificates

You can define certificates in different ways. You have to choose between one definition per:
  • Analysis set
  • Product
  • Customer
  • Product-Customer combination
Analysis set
If certificates for all of your customers and/or products should be identical, you can choose to define a single certificate for each analysis set.
Note: this is only possible if this set does not have an index field.
Index option
If the certificates you want to send differ only for individual index options (e.g. products), you can define certificates for each. This only applies if the set has an index field. You also need to make sure that there is no field that refers to the built-in customer list.
If the certificate should differ for each customer (but not for individual index options), choose this option. You need to make sure that no index field is set, and that there is a field that refers to the built-in customer list.
Index-customer combination
If the certificates you want to send vary for both index option and customer, select this option. You will need to make sure that an index field is set and that there is a field that refers to the built-in customer list.

Defining a Certificate of Analysis

Once you have chosen a set-up, you can define a certificate. Go to the results overview and then to More »  Define certificates. If you have chosen to define per product and/or customer, you make the relevant choice.

You can now define a certificate: 

A Certificate of Analysis consists of Header fields (1), analysis set fields (2) and a Static footer text (3). In the graphic below, you can see the 'building blocks' of a completed Certificate of Analysis: 

As said before, the company logo is part of the template.

Header fields
The Header fields (1) appear at the top of the certificate. You enter a name at "Field name" and then copy the variable (outlined in red) to the field "Value". This variable will be filled in with the result value of the field concerned. 
By default, the analysis date, print date, product (if set as index field) and the customer are on the certificate.
Analysis set fields
In the section Select fields (2), you select the fields which should appear on the certificate. These result values are presented in tabular form.
Static footer text

Here (3) you put the static text that needs to appear on the certificate definition. If necessary, you can also use variables here to include result values.

Manage customers and contacts

As soon as there are contacts in AlisQI, you can send certificates to them. To manage customers and contacts go to Management » Certificate of Analysis
This is done in the following order: 
  1. Create a customer under Manage customers
    The customer name and address details can be found on the top left of the certificate.
  2. Create one or more contacts for this client under Manage contacts.
    You can choose the contact person(s) once you have generated a certificate.

Store and send a Certificate of Analysis

Once you have saved a definition, you can generate a Certificate of Analysis and save it. If you also have a contact saved, you can send this certificate directly.
Click on a result from which you want to generate a Certificate of Analysis to show the result actions , then click on the PDF symbol.

On the following page, you can preview your certificate (1), choose a customer (2), choose a contact of this customer (3) and save the certificate of analysis (4):

Once stored, the Certificate of Analysis is linked to the result as an appendix. If a contact person is also selected, like you see in this example, the certificate will be sent out immediately by email. We can arrange for a certificate not to be forwarded in the event of the result values being off-spec. Please contact us if you would like us to do this. 

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