How to create a report template

In certain cases you would like to create a report, containing the values of a single result. This might be useful in generating reports on product deviations or complaints. The purpose of Result Reporting templates is to summarize one result in your own format. 

In order to use this functionality, you need permission to manage report templates.
This can be managed with the module permissions (Management --> Permissions --> Module)

In order to create a Result Report go to the analysis set for which you wish to make a template, click on More --> Reporting templates.

Under "Variables" you can see the fields from the analysis set, which can be used in the template.

Now open Word and define the lay-out of the template.

We now have the lay-out defined. The next step is adding the variables from the analysis set. We do this by copying the different “$ values” to the template, as such:

AlisQI will automatically replace the “$ values” with the values in the selected result.

Save the template to your hard drive (as a docx file) and go back to AlisQI. Click on “New template --> Browse…” and select the template you just created. Click on “Save” and your template will be available for use.

Now click on any result in the analysis set and open in an overview.

Now go to "Reporting templates" and click on the template you just uploaded.

You will get the template filled with the result you just selected.

Add image attachments

You can add all image attachments by adding the ${imageAttachments} variable. All images will be added at the location of this variable.

Add CAPA actions

For QESH forms you can add related CAPA actions by adding a table to your docx template file.
This table should have just one row with variables. The system recognizes it by the ${} variable and replicate this row for the number of actions linked to your QESH result.

Refer to fields in your Action list by means of the ${action.xxxx} variables, where xxxx refers to a field in your action list.
Example: ${action.action_} refers to the action description in the action list.

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