How do I add a new selection list?

You can add selection lists in two different ways.

Option 1: Create a new selection list from the menu

This works the same way as you would add a new analysis-sets. Go to Selection lists in the Management menu and click New selection list.

Selection lists are not grouped, just specify a name and add fields as you would for a new analysis-set.

Option 2: From an analysis-set

If you want to populate a drop down field in an analysis-set an notice that you do not have the proper source table available yet, you can create it right away.

When specifying the contents of the new drop down field, click on the New selection list button

Specify the name and (optionally) the options. You can always add options at a later time.

The system will create the list right away and select the newly created list as source for this drop down field.

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