Changelog version 7.6.0 - Feb 2022

The new AlisQI release contains a number of new features. This article outlines the most prominent changes

In this release


Your quality management system contains an abundance of information. Understanding the relations between entities in your QMS and the impact of change might be hard to keep track of. That’s why we developed the Visualize feature.

Visualize helps you to connect the dots in your quality management. You’ll see your quality system like never before, opening a whole new realm of insights.

Read all about visualize here.

Recurring document training

For every document you can now specify a Reconfirmation period. This reconfirmation period, defined in months, triggers new  document confirmations.

This means that users on the notification list will be requested to rerad and reconfirm the current version of a document. This way, you ensure that people get retrained, and the most important documents stay top of mind with people.

Onboarding new users in your quality manual

Another improvement to the DMS is that new users will automatically receive document confirmations for all documents ther user group is on the notification list. This means that new users will be asked to read and confirm every document that they will receive notifications for.

This helps you to onboard new people in your quality manual, as they are automatically requested to go through all relevant documents.

There is nothing you need to do, this is triggered automatically.

Improved analysis set navigation

With the ever increasing footprint of AlisQI at our customers, we see the number of analysis sets growing and growing. The top level menus provide a great way to group the analysis sets. But this segmentation was not applied to every page that lists analysis sets. Until now. We developed a new UI component to list the analysis sets, using this same segmentation based on top level menus. The first screen that is updated is the analysis set management screen. In the upcoming weeks we will deploy this to other screens as well.

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