Changelog version 7.4.0 - Aug 2021

Seamless desktop Word client integration

The big new feature in this release is seamless integration with the desktop MS Office clients.

Document management could be rather laborous, as you needed to download your files first, then edit them on your desktop store and upload back into AlisQI.

That was not the best user experience one could think of. We challenged ourselves to make this process of document management smooth sailing. And so we did!

AlisQI is now capable of synchronizing files with your desktop Word, Excel and Powerpoint clients. This means that you can click an Edit in Word button in AlisQI, which will then open your file in Word. When you hit save, all changes will be send back to AlisQI, without requiring you to upload the file. It is as simple as that!

This integration only applies to Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx) and Powerpoint (.pptx) files.

Opening the Office clients might not work from the Firefox browser. All other browsers should be no problem.

Integration in the app

This integration has been added to the main features involved with document uploads:

  1. The Document overview
  2. The Document modification overviews, where you can easily colaborate on drafts now
  3. The Result report templates

It has not been added to result attachments, as these document have a static character and are not updated regularly.


This release has been completed, and we will roll this out to installations on the new hosting platform shortly.

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