Changelog version 7.3.1 - Apr 2021

This release contains a number of improvements. Most of them are not visible to the users.

In this changelog we discuss the main visible changes.

Email delivery - important!

We've changed the way AlisQI sends emails to its users. What this means for you:

  • You will receive emails from instead of noreply@<tenant>
  • We removed "[AlisQI]" from the subject of each mail
  • Fewer emails from the application should land in your spam folder

To do this, we switched to a different email provider and implemented sender verification options (SPF, DKIM and DMARC) to ensure mail reaches your inbox instead of your spam folder. These changes may affect delivery of email to you, or any filtering rules you have set up.

Therefore, please keep an eye out for anything unusual and let us know if you're missing mail.

Features & fixes

Calculated fields can use their own specs

Calculated fields can refer to specifications. This is useful in implementing custom specification validation, or calculation on dosing adjustment to get to target specifications. However, calculated fields could not use their own specifications. They now can. This adds even more power to the expression engine.

Calculated checkbox

The checkbox was the only field type that did not have a calculated sibling yet. That has now been solved. Now every field type does have a calculated equivalent.

We see the calculation and expression engine really take off! Customers keep surprising us with their ingenuity and creativity in applying this tool in their operation.

Search keyboard shortcut

In order to improve usability for power users we will be adding keyboard shortcuts. This version kicks off with a first shortcut: / to open the menu search.

This allows for speedy menu search or barcode scanning.

Report template image scaling

Result attachments that are included in Report Templates are now properly scaled. They were exploded to full width up until now. Now they are resized to their original size.

Various optimizations

Apart from these visible changes, we did a lot of under-the-hood maintenance and a big spring cleaning. Although this might not be visible for users, rest assured that you will benefit from it as it improves the stability and performance of the application and the platform.

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