Changelog version 7.3.0 - Feb 2021

This release contains a number of improvements. Most of them are not visible to the users.

In this changelog we discuss the main changes visible to the users.

Improved Document confirmation UI

The user interface for document confirmation has been approved. Based on user feedback, we improved:

  • Filter on open and completed confirmation
  • Improved order, to better distinguish multiple versions per document
  • CSV export of document confirmations
  • Explicit document identification and version number reference

Document and version identification

In AlisQI documents and versions already had an explicit number for many years. However, this number was not presented in the user interface, For the UI we relied on the user defined document title. This could (at least theoretically) lead to duplicates. To improve the traceability of documents and versions by our users, we dedicded to improve this.

In this version we add the document id and version id to the user interface, to allow for explicit identification.

Both the document and version id are sequence numbers starting at 1. They will simply add up for each and every document or version. This version id is not the same as the version number. A version number is counted per document, whereas the version id is a globally unique identifier across all documents.

Access to document changelog and historical versions restricted

Up until this version everyone with Read permission on a document had access to all historical versions. This has now been adjusted. Now only the users involved with a document have access to the change history and historical version of a document.

Just one modification procedures on a single document

Up until this version, you could initiate multiple modification procedures on a single document. That has been adjusted. You can now no longer initiate a second modification, while there is still one procedure pending.

Rebranding & redesign

After deploying our new branding in our marketing, we now made the first step in the application.

Later this year, we will do a project to update the look and feel of the AlisQI application. The current design is getting a bit dusty, so time to tidy up and make the application fresh and sparkling again. Although we already stand out in our market by our user friendliness, we do not rest on our laurels. We do consider user friendliness one of our key strength, and will keep on improving with every release.

We will consult users to provide feedback and experiment with some first prototypes as soon as possible.

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