Changelog version 7.1.0 - Jul 2020

Generic features

The most important visible changes in the new AlisQI release are listed here.

  • Sticky table columns
    Every column in the results overview can now be "frozen", to improve readability of your table while scrolling horizontally.
  • Advanced calculations and expressions
    We released a major upgrade of the calculations engine. With the new engine you can define complex calculation and expressions, enabling you to add more and more business logic in your analysis-sets. In combination with the Message Rules and custom alarms this creates endless opportunities to make your Quality processes smart. These powerfull expressions can be used in any QC or QESH analysis-set or selection list.
  • Calculation preview
    Calculations can now be tested and validated from the analysis-set management preview. You no longer have to publish first. This will speed up the creation of calculated fields, especially with the newly added complexity.
  • Calculations added to API documentation
    The API documentation now lists all calculations. This will be usefull in understanding the relations between fields in your analysis-set.

Quality Control features

  • Number of off-specs in Statistics pivots
    The pivot overview in the statistics screen now lists the number of off-spec values. This enables you to compare products or machine by their off-specs.

Document Management features

  • Document version in document register
    The document register now shows the version number, in relation to the last change date.

QESH Management features

  • Due date open CAPA actions appear on QESH Calendar
    All open CAPA actions are now shown in the QESH calendar. This makes it easier to keep track off all open actions for you and your team.

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