Changelog version 6.9.4 - Dec 2019

The most important visible changes in the new AlisQI release are listed here.


  • Internet Explorer support dropped
    Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Please make sure you and your colleagues use a modern browser when working with Alis.
  • Date trigger for MessageRules
    MessageRules can now trigger when a particular date has been reached. This enables you to create date based triggers or reminders.
  • Default values for selection lists
    In the analysis-set management you can now define a default value for selection lists. This is especially usefull when you have a default state for new results, or wish to pre-select the logged-in user in a user selection list. 
  • Filter on empty values
    Filters could select empty text or select fields for a long time, now you can select empty numeric fields as well. 
  • Image attachments in Result Report Templates
    The Result report templates now support embedding images in the generated Word document.
    When you have images uploaded as attachments and include the ${imageAttachments} variable in your Report template, the images will be inserted exactly there.

Quality Control

  • Alarm overview can be filtered by analysis-set
    The alarm overview can now be filtered by analysis-set(s), this enables you to better investigate alarms, or resolve alarms at once.
  • Alarm statistics from the alarm
    The alarm overview and alarm statistics screens are integrated. The alarm overview now presents statistics on the alarms.
  • Improved presentation of calculated fields
    We simplified the column header tools and moved the presentation of the calculation to a tooltip in the column header.
  • Link to Manage field visibility moved from top menu to Results overview -> More.
    The link to manage the field visibily has been moved to the Results overview, in the more dropdown.
  • Download all specification evaluation data in 1 Excel file
    Simply download all spec evaluation data in one file by clicking on the new Excel download button.

Document Management

  • Document category permission preview
    Administrator users can now have a preview of the permissions of any user group. This will help them in understanding which documents each group can and cannot see.

QESH Management

  • Analysis-set and CAPA relations visible from data entry screen
    While adding data that links to a result in another analsis-set, you can now open the related result from the data input screen.
    See the example below. An action from the CAPA list, links to a QESH calendar event. We can now open this event from the CAPA entry screen right away.

    This enables you to quickly validate the selected result, or lookup specific properties of the linked result.

Application integration

  • API now supports uploading attachments
    You can now use the API to upload attachments in base64 encoding. 
    See the API storeResults documentation in AlisQI for more details.
  • API token IP whitelist
    The API can now use an IP whitelist to validate requests and prevent invocations from outside your corporate network. Contact AlisQI support for more information about this whitelilst.
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