Onboarding Quality Control

This article will help you set up your Quality Control module.


First steps

Use the navigation menu to go to the results overview (1) and the new result page (2) of your forms. In the permission management is defined which forms you see.

New result entry

When you click the new result button, you will be presented with a form as shown below. Use this to input your test results and other information.

Results overview

The results overview is the central hub for most of your activities. The overview has extensive filtering, charting and reporting functionalities.

Apply a filter

To apply a filter on any (combination of) columns, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on any column title
  2. Define your constraints
  3. Click apply
  4. When you have specified the constraints across all relevant columns click on the blue Apply button to update the overview
Open a chart

To open a chart for a particular column, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the header of the column for which the you want to create a chart
  2. Click on the chart button

Depending on the type of the field (numeric or selection list), different chart types will be available.

Onboarding video

This video below will take you through the following subjects:

Detailed articles

More detailed articles and categories, which are relevant for your onboarding are:

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