QESH module key features

Key to the QESH module is connecting registrations from your QESH-forms to the analysis-sets Action list and 5xWhy.

Let’s say you have registered an incident in the analysis-set “Safety incidents”. You wish to add an action to this registration in order to solve this incident and prevent it from happening again.

You simply click on the result and click on the full results button:

If the QESH report page is set-up for this form, you will be directed to this page.

The QESH report page is the place where you can add actions, and where you can add a root cause analysis.

If we now click on Add action, we will be redirected to the input screen of the analysis-set Action list.

Here you can see that this new action is already linked to the near miss from out which this new action was started. If you click on the full screen button here, you will get a pop-up of the linked result:
After entering your action and clicking on Save your action will be visible on the QESH report page.

Once you have entered a Root cause analysis it will be visible on the QESH report page also.

Once added, the root cause analysis and actions can be found back in their own analysis-sets.

Here you will see that the related registration has become a link. Clicking on the full screen button will give us a pop-up of the near miss registration.

Clicking on the number will lead us directly to that analysis-set filtered on the number:

Indicators on start screen

All QESH registrations (incidents and 5xWhy and Action list) with an open status, and which are assigned to you as owner, will appear on the homepages of the owners as follows:

Clicking on one of these numbers will lead you to the results overview, filtered on you as owner and all open statuses.

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