QESH process templates

In order for you to make a jump start with QESH Management in AlisQI we developed generic template for several QESH processes.

These templates consist of a a form and inspiration for Workflows. We can import these templates in your installation, so that you do not need to create them yourself.
The forms and workflows can be adjusted to your specific needs within the application.

We currently have templates for:

  • 5S checklist for manufacturing
    Used to check and score different locations on 5S: Sorting, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.
  • 5x Why root cause analysis
    This form is standard issue within the QESH module, used to get to the root cause of your problem or incident (connected to other QESH forms). Please our 5xWhy (link to follow) article.
  • 8D root cause analysis
    An extended root cause analysis, based on the method "Eight disciplines problem solving" (8Ds).
  • Audit Findings
    To report and give follow-up to your audit findings.
  • CAPA action management
    This form is also standard issue within the QESH module, used to set out or delegate actions (connected to other QESH forms).
  • Competence Matrix
    Used to rate and keep track of your employees' (necessary) skills.
  • Customer Complaints
    Used to give a good follow-up and wrap-up to your customer complaints. Often our customers connect this form to their (different) Quality Control registrations.
  • Deviation Request
    For submitting a deviation and let it run through different stages of approval.
  • Hygiene Inspections
    To check and score different locations on several hygiene aspects.
  • Near Misses
    For reporting and following up upon your almost-accidents, so that actual Safety Incidents can be prevented.
  • Product Deviations
    For following up upon your product deviations, preventing them of happening again.
  • Risk Assessments
    Used for doing risk assessments, so that the right follow-up on risks can be estimated.
  • Safety Incidents
    Report and follow-up upon your safety incidents, preventing them from happening again.
  • QESH Calendar
    For scheduling (reoccurring) tasks or events and being reminded of them.
    This form is also standard issue within the QESH module. Read our artikel on the QESH Calendar (link to follow) to learn more.

Please reach out to support@alisqi.com to discuss importing these templates in your installation.

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