How can I import data to AlisQI? - Excel upload

Once you have downloaded the Excel template belonging to your analysis set, you will see that it has the tabs Results & Selection lists.

Take the following steps for a successful import of your data:

  1. Copy the data from your source
  2. Paste the data into the right column(s) in the template by using Paste Values (right click on mouse)

  3. Once the data is pasted into the template you might see some red colored values

    There are a few possible reasons why values are red:

    • The entered option is not present in the current selection lists options in AlisQI (in this example the values CDI, PRO1, BAT, Dots, Red).
    • The value is in the wrong format, for example text when the settings for this field in AlisQI is numeric (in this example the values a & b under Solids content and the value 7a under pH)
  4. Clear red values

    Values which are in the wrong format should be changed to the right format (in this example a & b under Solids content and the value 7a under pH). Values which are not in the current selection list options could be changed to the right value or added to the Selection lists tab in the template. For the last one, follow these steps:

    • Add value to tab Selection lists
      The color Red could be a color you wish to add to your options, in that case this value is correct and should not be colored in the Results tab. If you add Red to Selection lists -> Colour, then the color in the tab Results will change.
      Red is added to selection list options in the template.

      Note: adding a value to selection options in the template does not mean that the value will be added to the selection list options in AlisQI. For this you need to check the option “Create unknown selection list options” under Settings.
      If this setting is turned off then new selection list options will not be added to AlisQI and the results with new selection list options will not be imported into AlisQI.
  5. Importing
    Once everything is set you are clear to import the template. Go to Excel upload, browse to your filled template and click on Import.

Please note: If the setting "Alarms and messages" is set to "Yes", then the main date field of the results need to be set in chronological order from old to new, in order for SPC patterns to be automatically recognized. This will be adjusted in the future updates.

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