Description QESH forms

QESH forms allow you to register, follow-up and report any event in your organization. This can be a deviation, complaint, safety issue, near miss, anything.

Simply create a form (=analysis-set) and start collecting data. The built in workflow functionality enables you to inform or instruct people. The built in reporting and charting tools enable you to analyse and prioritize.

This guide provides you with some considerations when migrating your forms to AlisQI.

Which forms?

That is all up to you. Many of our customers use AlisQI for the registration, follow-up and reporting of Complaints, Deviations, CAPA, Audit findings, Near misses, safety incidents, inspection runs, ... 

It is all up to you.

Keep reporting in mind

All information that you'd like to include in your reports should be specified by the users. So think about reporting when creating your forms.

Use selection lists where possible

Where possible we would advice to use selection lists over free text fields. Selection lists with predefined options will help you in standardizing data entry. Furthermore, it will enable speedy data entry and better allows for usage on mobile devices. Last but not least, text fields do not yield too much value in reporting. AlisQI offers built-in Pie & Pareto charts, amongst other tools, to quickly picture the distribution of your selection lists. Text values can not be analyzed automatically. So, where possible, use selection lists.

Creating a workflow

For all analysis-sets, and thus for your QESH forms as well, you can create a custom workflow. Filter based workflows allow to inform people or request actions in specific scenarios.

Create segments in your forms

Use delimiters to create blocks within your forms. These blocks can distinguish fields that should be filled by different users, or in different stages.

Add attachments

You can add attachments to all form entries. This enables you to store all information regarding a complaint or deviation at a single place.

QESH forms on mobile devices

All AlisQI forms can be used on mobile devices. Some tips to optimize forms for mobile devices:

  • Keep field titles short
  • Use selection lists where possible - free text might be hard to input on mobile devices
  • Upload pictures to document your registrations.

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