Troubleshooting Dymo Label printers

If you experience issues with printing labels on your Dymo labelprinters from AlisQI, please use these links to test your environment.

Check environment

  1. Open this link:
  2. Click "Check"
  3. Validate that all checks are "true"
isBrowserSupported: true
isFrameworkInstalled: true
isWebServicePresent: true
errorDetails: <blank>

If the settings return "false" for at least one of these checks, please check and re-do your Dymo installation procedure.

Additionally, you can run the Dymo diagnose tool on the machine that is connected to the printer:


This should present a "Success" message, indicating that the web service is installed and working properly.

Check Dymo software version

Alis currently supports Dymo Labelwriter software version 8.7.4. and Dymo Connect v1.3.1.

See here for downloading links

Print a test label

  1. Open this link:
  2. Make sure your printer is listed in the list of printers
  3. Enter a test text 
  4. Hit the print button
  5. Check if your printer has printed a test label

If your printer did not print anything, the printer setup is invalid

If your printer did print a label, the error seems to be on the AlisQI side. Please contact AlisQI support.

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