How does AlisQI deal with lessthan-signs in calculations?

Values with a < or > signal indicator are inaccurate by nature. Calculating with these values can be risky, as the outcome can be inaccurate. AlisQI aims to keep the data accurate. This can lead to not performing a calculation that cannot be resolved to an accurate value.

AlisQI can only process calculations with < or > signals if:

  • All parameters with signals have the same direction (thus either < or >)
  • The calculation only consists of multiplications (*) or additions (+)
  • No function calls occur in the calculation (i.e. AVERAGE)

A calculation of the form:

  • ([Dry matter %RM]/100)*[F %DM]

should be rewritten to:

  • ([Dry matter %RM] * 0.01 )*[F %DM]

to be processed with parameters with signal.

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