How do I create a new Analysis-set?

Go to Manage Analysis-sets from the Management menu and click on the New analysis-set button.

Enter a name and group for your new set. Click the New group button to create a new one.

When you added your fields, hit save to store the draft. Sets are not automatically available for use. You have to explicitly publish in order for the set to be available for data input.

When you click Save you see a blank form, with only a Date field. Each analysis-set always has a Date+time field.

Add new fields by either clicking the "New Field" or "Copy field from another set" button. You can arrange the order by dragging fields in the Field list. The form preview will automatically update.

To publish, click on the publication icon and (optionally) specify a remark. This remark is stored in the anlysis-set's change history.

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