How can I make a field auto increment / serial numbers?

AlisQI does support auto increment fields. These fields are typically used as a counter or result id.

You can define any numeric/text field as auto increment from the analysis-set management.

Simply select the field, and optionally add prefix character(s).

The auto increment will continue on the field's maximum value + 1. Or at 1 if the set is still empty on the moment you assign this auto increment field.


  • Add {year} in the prefix field to add a representation of the current year (format:YYYY, thus 2018)
  • The incremental part is simply a number (1,2,3) and has no fixed number of positions or reserved number space. There will be no practical limitation in the maximum value.
  • The prefix can only be static (apart from the year). There is no  support for other dynamic components (like DoW or month).

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